If you'd like to contact me, you can: follow me on Instagram      @edward.photographer     and Twitter  @EdKPhotographer    , send me an email at   ed.kakraba@gmail.com  , or give me a call at (814) 876-2607. 

If you'd like to contact me, you can: follow me on Instagram @edward.photographer  and Twitter @EdKPhotographer , send me an email at ed.kakraba@gmail.com, or give me a call at (814) 876-2607. 


My name is Edward Kakraba. I am originally from Ghana, a country in West Africa. After coming to the United States of America at the age of 14, I discovered my passion for art and video-making while in high school. The classes I took in school offered us the opportunity to explore various videography techniques while allowing the freedom to create the content we enjoyed. I cultivated my passion outside of school, spending 3 years as a videographer for a Christian Fellowship Youth Group.

After high school I continued learning my craft at Lackawanna College (Scranton, PA), spending two years as an Assistant Videographer/Video Editor and volunteering my services for various events. I became familiar with Final Cut Pro and began experimenting with more editing techniques.

I transferred to Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) to major in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media, with a concentration in Television Production, Photography, Advertising and Media Management. I learned many skills, such as: script-writing supervision, directing and editing live television, stage manager communications, and operations of live TV cameras. I worked as a Camera Operator at Temple University Television (TUTV) my senior year. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Temple University in 2013.

While in college, Photography class helped me cultivate another aspect of my art and passion for making films. It helped me place the importance of images in historical context and allowed me to understand how photography influences human culture.

I was very fortunate to be chosen as an intern at ShootersTV in Philadelphia. There, I learned a great deal about developing ideas for Reality Television and how to put them into play. I assisted the Vice President of Development and the Production Assistants on "Wedding Impossible", which starred Food Network's Robert Irvine.

I also interned at Penn State Broadcasting (WPSU) (State College, PA), working with the Associate Producer and Director on videos and photos and conducting media/footage and social media research. We produced innovative content for editing a feature documentary called Water Blues Green Solutions for local PBS Station.

I believe I have a keen eye for this world to see through, and am looking to share it with you.


Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Suite- Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Prelude, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator.

Final Cut Studio- Final Cut Pro/ Final Cut Pro X, DVD Studio Pro.

Productivity- Apple iWorks, Microsoft, Office Suite, Google Drive, Mac/PC Operating System.

Social Media Strategies- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,Tumblr, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Google Analytics, Outlook.

Video Formats- XDCam Transfer, XDCam HD, HDV, H.264 and ProRes, Green Screen.

Camera Proficiency- DSLR Cameras, HD Cameras, DV Proline Camcorders, Studio Cameras, Canon C100

Web Related Software- Wordpress, Eblogger, Prezi.

Studio Software and Equipment- Switchboard, Teleprompter, Insqribe.